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Browse through our recent customer testimonials and see what our previous customers have to say about the service they received from Best Place To Sell Gold.

   Dealing With Best Place To Sell Gold Has Been A Great Experience

" I have to say that dealing with Best Place To Sell Gold has been a great experience and my representative was very helpful. I had several questions and she was very thorough and pofessional in answering them. Your service has been great and I have referred your company to several of my co-workers. Again, thank you very much and especially thank you to cindy, the experience has been a positive one. "


   Local Gold Buyers Didn't Even Come Close
  " THANK YOU Best Place To Sell Gold!! I appreciate your straight forward, above board, prompt and professional service. I went to a local, well known precious metal dealer here in New Jersey. THEY DID’T EVEN COME CLOSE to what I received from you. The shipping was very quick, and your tracking is very useful. I will definately be taking advantage of your services again. "

   Fast Service and Helpful Customer Service
  " Very fast service and helpful customer service. It only took two days from the time I sent my Gold Pack until I received a confirmation, and then a phone call. I was actually surprised about the generous offer I received. I was a little skeptical at first, so I only sent in two pieces of jewelry and a few small things. I was definately surprised with my offer. I cashed my check within 48 hours of accepting your offer! So this was 100% worth it for me. I will tell everyone I know wanting a little extra money in their pocket and I look forward to using your service again. "

   Very Happy With The Service I Received
  " Just wanted to say thank you for the prompt transaction. I was surprised at how much my old gold was worth, definately much more than I expected. It took less than one week from the time I requested my gold pack until I had a check in my hands! I am very happy with the service I received from your company. Keep up the good work! "

   You Truly Exceeded My Expectations
  " It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I have called you on 2 occasions so far and each time the customer service representitve that I spoke with were professional, courteous, and answered all of my questions. I was very satisfied with the way my transactions were handled. It was all done in a timely manner. I accepted my offer and the money was in my account within minutes of the approval. You truly exceeded my expectations. I will not hesitate to recommend you to others or use you again. Thank you for a comfortable and pleasurable experience. "

   Best Place To Sell Gold Paid 3 Times More Money
  " I was skeptical about sending my jewlery at first. I spoke with a friend who sent her jewelry to another company and she only received $100. Needing the money, she accepted. After researching about 7 gold buying companies, I chose Best Place To Sell Gold. It was easy, fast, and the offer was more than fair and greatly appreciated. My friend was very upset when she heard how much I was paid for my jewelry. I sent the same amount of jewelry and was paid 3 times the amount! Thank You Best Place To Sell Gold!!! "

   You Guys Are Great!

" Thank you for your quick response. You guys are great! I will recommend Best Place To Sell Gold to all of my family and friends. It’s a pleasure to find a business such as yours that responds to customers in a timely fashion. "


   It's A Clear Choice If You Want To Get Paid More Cash For Your Gold
  " I don't know why anyone goes to a pawn shop anymore. I can get paid more than twice as much when I sell gold without leaving my front yard! I'll always sell gold to Best Place To Sell Gold from now on. IT’S A CLEAR CHOICE IF YOU WANT TO GET PAID MORE CASH FOR YOUR GOLD. "


   Share Your Best Place To Sell Gold Experience


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