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When you're in the market to sell your old gold, silver, platinum, gems, watches, or coins, Best Place To Sell Gold makes FAST, SIMPLE, and SECURE. In addition to the highest paid prices, convenience, and no-obligation FREE appraisals - We provide same day Gold Pack processing and 24 Hour Payments with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  What is my gold and jewelry worth?

Best Place To Sell Gold PAYS THE HIGHEST PRICES FOR ALL GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, DIAMONDS, WATCHES AND COINS though the exact price will vary based on many factors such as quality and precious metal content. When we weigh and evaluate your items, we will immediately call you with our offer. To find out more about how we determine value, visit the "What we pay" section of this web site.

  What items do you buy?

Best Place To Sell Gold buys all types of gold, platinum, and silver jewelry regardless of the karats, color, or grade! Best Place To Sell Gold guarantees the highest prices paid within 24 hours. We buy yellow, gold, white gold, and rose gold. We buy 8 karat gold, 10 karat gold, 12 karat gold, 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, 22 karat gold and 24 karat gold jewelry.

If it contains gold, we buy it!

Click here for a complete list of items that we buy.

  How do I know you're not one of those fly-by-night internet companies?
  Best Place To Sell Gold IS LICENSED, BONDED, & TRUSTED. We have been buying gold for years. We're TRUSTED and EXPERIENCED. Were a reliable precious metals company with a UNBLEMISHED record for customer satisfaction. Our safe and fast service and higher payouts keep our customers coming back time and time again. For more information about Best Place To Sell Gold, see the WHY US SECTION of this web site.  
  Why should I sell my gold to Best Place To Sell Gold?
  Best Place To Sell Gold HAS been buying gold for YEARS. Unlike most companies, we're a true precious metal refinery. We melt down the gold ourselves. Our process lets us pass the savings along to you so you get the best price for your GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, DIAMONDS,WATCHES, & COINS. We also have no minimum amount requirement.  
  How do I sell you my gold or other precious metal items?
  Simply fill in the form or give us a call and we will arrange for insured, overnight FedEx shipping for FREE. We will make you an offer and send you a check or make a direct deposit into your bank account the SAME DAY. At Best Place To Sell Gold, we make getting paid for your gold FAST, SAFE and SECURE!  
  When I ship you my items, do I have to pay for it myself?
  No. Best Place To Sell Gold always pays for all of your shipping, all the time. When you fill in the form on our web site, we'll send you an insured, overnight FedEx shipping envelope for FREE. Just send us your gold jewelry or other items in it and we'll APPRAISE your items and make you a SAME DAY offer. If you decide you don't want to sell, no problem. We'll just return your items back to you safe and sound.  
  Am I obligated to sell you my items when I send it to you for appraisal?
  No. When you ship your items to Best Place To Sell Gold, you are under no obligation to accept our offer. We will APPRAISE your item(s) and call you with our offer the same day we receive your envelope. If you decide not to sell to us, we simply ship your item back to you the same day.  
  How do I know my valuables are safe with you?
  Best Place To Sell Gold goes out of its way to ensure your valuables are always safe and secure. We provide you with FREE overnight FedEx shipping that insure your valuables up to in value. If your items are worth more, we buy additional shipping insurance for your valuables - at no cost to you. When Best Place To Sell Gold receives your items, we assign THE SECURE PAK a tracking number so you always know where it is. While your items are in the care of Best Place To Sell Gold, it is always well guarded and completely safe.  
  Will you contact me first before sending me my check?
  Yes. When we APPRAISE your gold and determine a price to pay, we immediately call you on the telephone and make an offer. We only begin the payment process after you accept our offer.  
  What if I don't like your price and I want my gold back?
  No problem. We'll securely ship your items back to you. With Best Place To Sell Gold, you have absolutely nothing to lose!  
  I would rather bring my gold to you in person. Can I do that?

YES You can. Many gold-buying companies don't have a physical address. Others do, but they don't allow customer visits. Best Place To Sell Gold ENCOURAGES CUSTOMERS TO VISIT OUR LOCATON TO TRANSACT their business in person and get paid cash on the spot.

Our offices are located at:

Best Place To Sell Gold CORP.

We're open from 9 am - 6 pm Mondays through Fridays and SAT 9AM-5PM except major holidays. Drop-ins are always welcome but if you'd like to call ahead first, feel free. You can reach us at 1-866 WE BUY GOLD – 1-866-932- 8946.

  How will you pay me, and how soon?
  When you sell Best Place To Sell Gold your gold, you have a wide variety of payment options. Best Place To Sell Gold can pay you by Check, PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union or a direct deposit into your checking account. Just let Best Place To Sell Gold know which payment method you prefer, and Best Place To Sell Gold wIl pay you the same day you accept our offer, whether that means mailing you a check or making a direct deposit into your bank account.  


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