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Gold Weight : 
Gold Type : 
Total Payout : 

Karat + 25 oz.
( + 500 DWT)
10-25 oz.
(200-500 DWT)
5-10 oz.
(100-200 DWT)
1-5 oz.
(20-100 DWT)
10K $25.59 $23.80 $21.95 $21.00
14K $33.98 $31.75 $29.95 $28.95
18K $43.42 $41.25 $38.75 $37.50
22K $51.14 $48.50 $47.75 $46.75
24K Gold
Call 1-877-465-3289 For Pricing
Gold Weights 31.1 Grams = 1 Troy ounce
20 Pennyweights = 1 Troy ounce
(Pennyweights, w/melt & assay)

Prices are based on 20 Pennyweights or more. Actual payments may be higher or lower depending on the actual weight and karat of your jewelry, and the London PM gold price on the date of receipt.

World Gold Prices change daily with the London Afternoon Gold Fix. Gold prices are calculated daily using the London PM Gold Fix, the purity of the gold, and the actual weight.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the money you receive for your gold, platinum or silver - and you’ll have it FAST!  Your check is mailed within 24 hours of receiving your Gold Pack.

Identify Your Precious Metals
.917 is 22K .333 is 8K
.585 is 14K PT950 is Platinum
.417 is 10K 925 is Sterling Silver
.375 is 9K  
Metals With No Gold Value
(GF) Gold Filled Gold Counterfeits:
(GP) Gold Plated 999, 999 Gold,
(RGP) Rolled Gold or 999 Solid Gold
Plated (HE) Heavy Gold Plated
(RP) Rolled Plated (1/10) Gold Filled
(EP) Electroplated (1/20) Gold Filled
Silver-Imitation Items With No Value
Mexico 900
800 915
International Silver Rogers Silver
Silver Plated Coin Silver


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